Postgradualer Lehrgang Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - 'Orff-Schulwerk'

This university course at the Carl Orff Institute for Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy addresses pedagogues from all over the world who have already had training or experience in music and dance education based on the pedagogical concepts of Orff Schulwerk. In spite of the fact that there are levels courses in this area in many countries at universities, colleges, conservatories and private pedagogical institutions, there is an international interest to complete a course at the Carl Orff institute that presents this pedagogy in an authentic, open and directional form. Postgraduate courses in English have been offered regularly at the Carl Orff institute since 1969.

The course offers experienced music and dance teachers an intensive and concentrated setting in one of the world's most well-known integrative methods in music and dance pedagogy based and continuing on the historical Orff Schulwerk. It has been further developed and realized according to contemporary aesthetic education. The participants, coming from different cultural backgrounds, will be encouraged to transfer and adapt this pedagogy to the specific needs for their own cultures.

The course incorporates two semesters. Studies begin in October and end in the coming June of the same academic year. The course contains, within its framework of financial possibilities according to the number of participants, required subjects of about 14-22 weekly hours as well as optional elected subjects of about 2-8 hours per week.

Entrance Requirements

-         A completed course of study in music and/or dance pedagogy at an undergraduate level in a home or foreign institution, an equivalent study, or documents proving similar qualifications.

-         Proof of teaching experience in the area of music and dance pedagogy for a period of at least three years.

-         Proof of knowledge of the English language both orally and on paper. The director of the course of study will make the final decision about having fulfilled the requirements. Participation is further dependent on the payment of tuition fees according to legal requirements.

Final examinations  require a positive result in the required courses and contain:

-          A written paper

-         A colloquium

-         Teaching

-         The performance of a study with original music and dance compositions developed and directed by the candidate.

The course is to be covered by costs as established according to law.

Academic performance credits can be distributed according to the European Credit Transfer System.