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Locating yourself in global culture

Genevieve Navisotschnig

The course aims to foster the following critical thinking skills
•    evaluate expert perspectives of globalisation
•    challenge the meaning of local culture
•    evaluate historical & global influence on local culture
•    assess global changes to study and work
•    develop own opinion on influence of global forces
•    locate yourself in the local and global
•    relevance and application of related theory
•    reflect on personal learning and development
•    enhance experience of team collaboration
This interactive course aims to creates a space in which students explore topics surrounding global influences on local culture, study and work. Learning will be supported through interactive discussions, group exercises, theory, literature, video clips and assessments.


Wann: Wird noch bekannt gegeben
Wo:    Fachhochschule Salzburg, Campus Urstein
Kursgebühr:     € 0,– / 2 ECTS-AP / 2 SWS
Anmeldung:     career@moz.ac.at
Anmeldeschluss:     28.02.2022