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Photography in context

Andrew Phelps

Image and Text - beyond illustration: In the context of graphic design, images and text are usually reserved for representation and illustration. A text provides written information, images provide visual information. At best, these elements may be graphically manipulated to serve their illustrative purposes, but what happens when the context of an image is changed through the use of text? We will be exploring the many possibilities of combining image and text. The first half of the semester will be brain-storming, collecting and talking about the aesthetics of text, language, symbolism and their relationship specifically to photography. The second half of the semester will be dedicated to personal projects, fom their conception to completion by the end of the semester.

Wann: Wird noch bekannt gegeben
Wo:    Fachhochschule Salzburg, Campus Urstein, Raum SE 333
Kursgebühr:     € 0,– / 4 ECTS-AP / 2 SWS
Anmeldung:     career@moz.ac.at
Anmeldeschluss:     30.09.2022