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Working in Multicultural Teams

Genevieve Navisotschnig, MA

An exchange semester provides rich opportunities to interact with people from other cultures and broaden perspectives. This course aims to enhance intercultural awareness so that these encounters become more valuable. The ability to work well in a multicultural environment is an increasingly sought after competence in the workplace. Students come from multiple cultural backgrounds and will be stimulated to consider the concept of culture, with a reflection on their own perspective and personal journey as a starting point. Build onto existing knowledge through sharing personal encounters, teamwork and the consideration of effective communication. Identify benefits and possible underlying causes of the challenges within multicultural teams through analyzing scenarios and case studies. Conflict will be explored through an interactive game and group discussions. Roleplay, theoretical concepts and literature will support your learning and broaden your understanding.

The course aims to develop the following:

•    Develop cultural awareness and expand cultural knowledge
•    Enhance teamwork through collaboration and effective communication
•    Examine and apply culture related theory
•    Identify the value of diverse teams and social justice
•    Evaluate case studies relating to communication and work styles
•    Experience intercultural team collaboration
•    Effectively describe aspects of own culture in an oral presentation
•    Discuss conflict and strategies towards resolution
•    Learn to integrate new international work colleagues
•    Reflect on personal learning and growth

Language of instruction: English

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Wo:     Fachhochschule Salzburg, Campus Urstein
Kursgebühr:     € 0,– / 2 ECTS-AP / 2 SWS
Anmeldung:     career@moz.ac.at
Anmeldeschluss:     30.09.2022