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Intercultural Internship Coaching

Genevieve Navisotschnig, MA

The goal of this coaching course is to deepen the intercultural awareness of students doing an internship abroad. The topics will include identity and world view, cultural dimensions and elements, communication styles, company culture, employee reflections and conflict. A written reflection, which journals personal experience and encounters while on the internship, should provide reinforcement and enhance overall cultural learning.

    + Awareness of own perceptions, world view and “where you are from” relating
       to identity
    + Deepen awareness of elements of culture which influence communication -
       high-low context
    + Understand the influence of values on cultures
    + Identify stereotyping and prejudices
    + Compare and contrast cultures using cultural dimensions
    + Discuss company culture and employee reflections
    + Awareness of culturally related differences in working style
    + Assess situations using DI(c)E Model to enhance experience
    + Use well-chosen language when communicating across cultures
    + Consider various meanings of conflict and identify conflict management styles
       including your own
    + Identify verbal and emotional conflict stemming from cultural differences and
       work towards resolu-tion
    + Identify moments of cultural learning and capture by photographs or anecdotes
    + Reflect on personal encounters and experience and describe in written form in a
       journal /diary
    + Share cultural encounters and experience in a meaningful way with colleagues


Language of instruction: English

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Kursgebühr: € 0,- / 1 ECTS-AP / 1 SWS
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Anmeldeschluss: 30.09.2022